Giuseppe Sammartini (16951750)

Concerto F-Dur

Edition Schott

pour: Flûte à bec soprano, piano

Partition musicale piano, partition seule

№ d’article420979
Auteur/CompositeurGiuseppe Sammartini
ÉditeurJohannes Brinckmann, Wilhelm Mohr
Portée22/8 pages; 23 × 30,5 cm
Date de parution1984
Éditions/ProducteurSchott Music
№ de fabricantOFB 1021
6,95 €
Délai de livraison : 3–4 jours ouvrables (France )
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Giuseppe Sammartini, who was considered to be one of the most important composers of instrumental music of his time, maintained in this concerto a conventional framework; however, he used the instrumental possibilities – particularly in the dialogue between the solo instrument and the orchestra – with imagination and in an unusual way. The movements: Allegro – Siciliano – Allegro assai


  • Allegro
  • Siciliano
  • Allegro assai