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Anselma Veit

Rhythmic Method for all instruments

168 Rhythmus Übungen, mit Duos und Blattlese-Tests

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Auteur / CompositeurAnselma Veit
Date de parution2016
Éditions / ProducteurAnselma Music
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Your students are struggling with a steady meter…? Counting in 4 is hard…? Here is help! With this book perfect rhythm is a piece of cake! Counting becomes automatic and sight reading an easy task. Students LOVE this book! At first glance, a pure rhythmic method seems not too exciting. But after the first pages they get hooked and love the steady progress they make. This method provides a step-by-step learning. Little tests after the chapters make the progress measurable which is fun and makes students proud. This book is a magic remedy for all kinds of rhythmic diseases or weaknesses. It brings success fast – even for slow learners.

Creatively and humorously illustrated by Fritz Kotrba.

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