Egon Saßmannshaus (19282010)

Early Start on the Double Bass 2

18 lessons for young string players
Baerenreiter's Sassmannshaus

pour: 1–2 contrebasses

Manuel (avec partition)

№ d’article603969
Auteur/CompositeurEgon Saßmannshaus
ÉditeurHolger Saßmannshaus, J. Peter Close
Languesallemand, anglais
Portée72 pages; 23 × 30 cm
Date de parution2012
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This bilingual volume in German and English is devoted to introducing higher positions, up to and including the third position. As an aid to orientation, all position changes are marked with lines. Climbing games and slippery glissandos help learners to develop a playful attitude toward their instrument. Recurring melodies in different positions are used to combine new course contents with existing skills. This ensures that students develop confidence by retaining control of intonation in simple transpositions.The varied songs and melodies are now complemented by easy pieces for two basses, including several duets specially composed for this tutor by Boguslaw Furtok to encourage fun in music-making and to pave the way to ensemble playing.

Bärenreiter's double bass tutor was written by J. Peter Close and Holger Sassmannshaus on the basis of preparatory work by Egon Sassmannshaus and the double bass teacher Ulrich Schwarz. “Früher Anfang auf dem Kontrabass” transfers the principles and experience gained from the violin tutor, combining them with modern methods of double bass playing to ensure quick progress on this special instrument.Holger Sassmannshaus, the son of Egon Sassmannshaus, is a double bass player in the Lower Rhine Symphony in Mönchengladbach/Krefeld. He also teaches double bass and plays in other ensembles.J. Peter Close, Egon Sassmannshaus's son-in-law, works as a cello and double bass teacher in Munich.The combined knowledge and experience of the Sassmannshaus/Close family makes these three volumes the most thoroughly researched and thought-through double bass tutor for beginners all over the world.


  • Preface / Vorwort
  • 6/8 Time / 6/8-Takt
  • Dotted Quarter Notes / Punktierte Viertelnoten
  • Scales / Tonleitern
  • Pieces in One Position / Stücke in einer Lage
  • Sixteenth Notes / Sechzehntelnoten
  • Dotted Eighth Notes / Punktierte Achtelnoten
  • Early Start with Positions / Frühes Lagenspiel
  • Climbing Game Songs / Lieder zum Klettern
  • The Second Position (II) / Die II. Lage
  • Shifting Between the First (I) and Second (II) Positions / Lagenwechsel zwischen I. und II. Lage
  • Pieces in the Positions I and II / Stücke in I. und II. Lage
  • Half Position with Position II / Halbe Lage und II. Lage
  • Half Position with Position I / Halbe Lage und I. Lage
  • Half Position with Positions I and II / Halbe, I. und II. Lage
  • The Third Position (III) / Die III. Lage
  • Pieces from Half Position to Position III / Stücke bis zur III. Lage
  • The Position Two-and-a-Half (Intermediate Position) / Lage II einhalb (Zwischenlage)
  • More Pieces up to Position III / Weitere Stücke bis zur III. Lage