James Rae (°1957)

Child's Play

18 First Pieces for Young Beginners

pour: Clarinette (si bémol), piano

Partition musicale piano, partition seule

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Auteur/CompositeurJames Rae
Portée18 pages (Partition); 23 × 30,5 cm
Date de parution2016
Éditions/ProducteurUniversal Edition
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These stimulating new pieces from James Rae, with a few added well-known favourites, will inspire the younger clarinet beginner. They are all in a comfortable register and only simple rhythms and small intervals are used. New notes are gradually introduced in the same order as they appear in most standard tutors. Even at this early stage different musical styles are explored and pupils will also enjoy the fun illustrations which can be downloaded for free for colouring in.

• First pieces, all in a lowregister, to inspire the younger beginner
• New notes are gradually introduced in the same order as they appear in most standard tutors
• Only simple rhythms and small intervals are used
• The accompaniments are designed to enhance the pieces and provide support for the beginner


    • ​**Opening Fanfare
  • Fanfarenruf** ​Rae James
  • ​**Passing Clouds
  • Wolkenzug** ​Rae James
  • ​**Let's Jump!
  • Hopp, hopp!** ​Rae James
  • ​**Tiger Rock
  • Tiger Rock** ​Rae James
  • When teh Saints Go Marching In ​Traditional
  • ​**Carol of the Cradle
  • Wiegenlied** ​Rae James
  • ​**Caribbean Skies
  • Karibische Sonne** ​Rae James
  • ​**Short March
  • Kurzer Marsch** ​Rae James
  • ​**Lightly Row
  • Hänschen klein** ​Traditional
  • ​**Cool Moves
  • Mr Cool** ​Rae James
  • ​**Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  • Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann** ​Tradtiional
  • ​**See-Saw Waltz
  • Wiegender Walzer** ​Rae James
  • ​**Easy Peazy Boogie
  • Boogie-Woogie** ​Rae James
  • ​**Cobweb Blues
  • Blues** ​Rae James
  • ​**Castanet Tango
  • Kastagnetten-Tango** ​Rae James
  • Jingle Bells ​Traditional
  • ​**Daffodil Waltz
  • Frühlingswalzer** ​Rae James
  • Rockmeister ​Rae James